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  • Inferno



    Truly a feast for the eyes. Visually beautiful, particularly in its use of color throughout. Several terrific set pieces, the early underwater room scene was perfection. Like with many Argento films, plot and character development take a backseat to the visuals, which I don't have any problem with whatsoever. I need to read more about to what extent Mario Bava was involved in the production. I will definitely be revisiting this film sooner rather than later. I feel my opinion of it could significantly rise upon further rewatches.

  • Tower of Evil

    Tower of Evil


    The horniest group of unfaithful archaeologists imaginable.

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  • Barbarella



    "You'll wish you had died of pleasure before this day is done!" Quintessential 60s Psychedelia Pop Sci-Fi Softcore Pornography! By no means a good film. But a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch.

  • Frankenstein Created Woman

    Frankenstein Created Woman


    Baron Frankenstein goes metaphysical! Not your typical Hammer Frankenstein film in the sense that there's no gruesome surgery creating and bringing to life a patchwork of dead body parts topped off by your obligatory criminal brain. Instead the Baron's work is focused on the trapping and transplant of the human soul. 5 years later another British horror film, "The Asphyx" would tackle this very subject equally effectively. One of the highlights in the supporting cast was Hammer regular Thorley Walters…