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  • Hagazussa



    utterly, admirably committed to pagan drone grimness but all told it only just finds its way out of its dense thicket of mood—whether it needed the rather rushed, perfunctory climax is another question. it’s not quite the burzum fetishist horseshit i was afraid of lol, more like a julia gfrorer tribute act.

    incredible score & cinematography (tho underlit at times), and cwen gives a fiercely alienated performance—some of the shots of her eyes are seared-into-your-brain shit.

  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then


    I’m Just Drinking Some Milk.

    the two halves of this film feel less like Perspective A and Perspective B and more like two variations on a situation. two potential outcomes of a pair of people meeting on a specific day. 

    at first i found this off-putting and uncomfortable but as the second half got going it became affecting, tender, genuine. 

    [alt title: Radical Honesty]

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  • Morgan



    you can't put paul giamatti and toby jones in the same movie lol you get one of those guys come on

  • Suspiria



    if argento’s objective was simply to overwhelm, SUSPIRIA 2018 wants to overwhelm with information, context, allusions - like a bloviating undergrad chatting up a disinterested classmate.

    loath as i am to spend any more Mindshare on this logy mess - worth nothing that both the fascism/nazism & the occultist concerns of this movie are present in SUSPIRIA 77. helena blavatsky (markos), the SS officers in the park scene, casting valli from EYES WITHOUT A FACE ... the remake merely shouts them at you. 

    SUSPIRIA 18 is essential viewing for people who find POSSESSION boring and “tonally uneven.”