Mission: Impossible - Fallout

a lot of the character beats in this and JACK REACHER, the only two recent cruise movies i think i’ve seen, have a shrill desperation to them; they (and the stunts in the past couple M:Is) come off like haigiography of the actor himself, a demented attempt to fluff cruise with no regard for the way they bend and intrude on the film around them. they read like propaganda for one man—the small, rabid cultist who sprints and jumps and floors it through an overlong runtime and banter that has all the pep of a film school shot/reverse shot exercise. yes he—tom—did that, and that, really, for real. the man captured on this camera is tom cruise and he can do the things you saw him do in the movie. be impressed.

for his part mcquarrie settles on a youtube stunt compilation aesthetic; total clarity over expression or graphic interest. i forget who said this movie displays a “charming” belief in indexicality, but yes. the charm is debatable.