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  • Hellboy



    An unpleasant, chaotic mess of a film. There is some fun to be had in the action sequences and amusingly nasty violence, but the production issues this film had are evident on the screen. The plot is shapeless and unfinished. The editing and shot continuity is inexcusably bad to the point that there is a real possibility the movie did not have a script supervisor. Perhaps it began with a significantly longer cut and was hacked to pieces. The pacing…

  • After



    A sprain-your-eyeballs-from-rolling-them, snort-through-your-nose odyssey of YA ineptitude. This is a stomach-churning, painfully banal and laboriously paced romance without a shred of originality, the cliches announcing themselves with the subtlety of air sirens and neon signs. It's a dreadful film, not only unpleasant to watch on a simple enjoyment level but also arguably more toxic and regressive than most of its siblings in the subgenre.

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  • Shazam!



    Shazam finally clicked for me somewhere around the halfway point. Until then, I'd been fussing over the predictability of the script and the semi-archaic feel of the story feeling like the movie was made in the early 2000s. Indeed, the story is predictable and the motivations of the villain are overly simple, but on the other end Shazam distills the superhero movie down to what we used to know it as: a contained, passionate, FUN little flick. A month away…

  • Suspiria



    I'd been warned how intense this remake gets, but I was still not prepared. The final stretch of Suspiria is a close approximation of an actual nightmare, skillfully and daringly edited with nearly unbearable intensity. It's the culmination of the dread-filled bad dream the rest of the movie is prior. There are very few films this year that have stuck with me quite like Suspiria has. It is a master class is style, tension and tone.