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  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York

    “There was an accident. About an hour ago, a small jet went down inside New York City. The President was on board. “
            -“The president of what?”

    Seeing this at The Music Box Theater in Chicago with Josh, sweaty after running nearly two miles just to barely make it was the best theater experience I’ve ever had. The room was packed and the audience was so alive and vigorous, it enhanced my enjoyment and appreciation so much; the cheering, laughing…

  • High Life

    High Life

    “My body obeys me.”

    Essentially capturing everything that makes science-fiction; universal and human themes with a technologically advanced setting. Claire Denis’s hypnotizing effect completely entranced me with her patient storytelling, a singular moment in the desolate nothingness has never felt more human.

    A spellbinder to be sure, a film leaving you with more questions than answers, it’s sexual duality is impeccable never really cementing a narrative, leaving the viewer to take everything in as they will.

    A detached experience that…

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  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight

    “Never ignore a man's courtesy.”

    This is definitely a fun and fast film, though I couldn’t really connect with any of it. It’s a really entertaining crime thriller with an amazing cast and tight script, you can really tell this is early PTA. Every performance was really spectacular, Samuel L. Jackson and Phillip Seymour Hoffman being standouts. 

    This is a lot more standard when compared to Boogie Nights or Inherent Vice but the talent is still there. It’s a thoroughly slick crime caper that I won’t revisit for a while but enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Would Recommend!

  • Stuber


    “It's going down tonight.”

    More inventive than most modern comedies but it’s by no means a marvel, but it wasn’t terrible. Lots of surprisingly well-choreographed action scenes and few creative quips but the story was so beat-by-beat what you’ve seen since 21 Jump Street. It’s better than a fair few of the contemporary comedies I’ve seen in cinemas but don’t rush out to see it unless the trailer truly compelled you to do so.

    Wouldn’t Recommend!

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  • Midsommar


    “I was most excited for you to come.”

    Tackling some similar themes that his debut inspected, Ari Aster’s newest vision is a hypnotic triumph. The mysterious and beautiful songs of Sweden ringing though the theater as a bright sun refuses to dim; a true nightmare has been unleashed. In what works more as a tale of grief and commitment more so than a true horror film Midsommar has an “unclouded” view. The beauty in the gruesome turns skin-curling terror into…

  • Moonlight


    "Runnin' around, catching up all that light. In moonlight, black boys look blue. You blue, that's what I'm gon' call you. 'Blue'.”

    So glad I revisited this one after a gap of over two years. I definitely got a lot more out of it; the nuanced and subtle moments I missed before and allusions to previous chapters I missed on my initial watch. Moonlight is such a cathartic and profound picture with so many memorable shots and moments. It’s no…