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  • High Life

    High Life


    The only thing that surpasses the vacuity of space? You guessed it folks - A24's HYPNOTIC, CEREBRAL, MIND-BENDING new eROtiC-thriller, HIGH LIFE. Pointing in so many directions but point blank devoid of meaning, real characters, and even AIR to let this barren plot breathe, the only thing High Life tells us is that Denis thinks she's an edgelord - rape! stabbing ;) (it's really cool though they're prisoners in space) - oh, and that she's 72, but still horny and…

  • Us



    Stank pretty bad...from the surface it looks like JP's pigeonholing has clearly taken its toll - it's a little harsh to criticize this skimmy race horror when you know what he's capable of, but from 30 mins onward the movie felt like an endless loop of galaxy brain woke nodding with the flatness of an SNL skit and the flavor of what happens when entertainment and politics switch seats. Not kidding, when I came out of the screen blowing strawbs…

  • Transit



    This movie feels like the ghost you wanna be friends with when it's REEKING of human error outside and you think you're not involved. Hits the mark on neofascism, refugee crises, and, yeah, transience, in a way that makes you feel kind of helpless in describing the movie when someone asks. The setting is nuts beautiful, and the love story alone is almost enough. Plus Franz Rogowski's cleft lip is HOT as all hell. Awesome move to update Seghers' book to present day - glad to see Petzold holding it down big time. Transit's my pony in the race.

  • The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

    The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans


    HAD to come on by and christen the damn place with one of my faves...honestly nothing like revisiting this BANGER to give your noggin a reset...POCNO is just short of a masterpiece or something, or at least in that as it unfolds, it feels increasingly immune to most sane scales of judgement. Nickie boy delivers one of the most delirious, manic, jaw-droppers of a performance for all time - and I'd only worry about sounding tacky if I didn't believe…