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  • When They See Us

    When They See Us


    This BLEW ME AWAY. Such a powerful and arresting piece, this made me feel so much and think so much. Based on the true events of the Central Park Five incident, where five young boys were wrongfully incarcerated for the rape and assault of a white young female, this is a story told with so, so much affection and with such intimacy. 

    The performances by the actors playing both the younger and older counterparts of each man are INCREDIBLE.…

  • The White Ribbon

    The White Ribbon



    A film that never really reaches any particular climax, but simmers slowly and eventually burns, leaving you increasingly frenzied and uneasy. Set in a German village a few years before WWI starts, this film is reflective of the climate then and possibly foreshadows the violence ahead. It takes a close look at human cruelty and how those sinister ideas are borne - do people do bad things on their own accord, or are they products of a system…

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  • We the Animals

    We the Animals


    Beautifully shot, amazing score, I felt like I was wandering about in a 90-minute dream sequence. Love love the use of Jonah’s drawings and animation. The performance by the three boys are so genuine and pure, and is honestly the most powerful thing of the film.

  • Be with You

    Be with You


    Another predictable story plot that builds upon a typical heartbreaking premise - an ailing mother dies, leaving behind an adorable son and a husband who has not a cent to his name and only good looks. The film TRIES, it infuses fantastical elements and supernatural themes, but they do nothing but create more confusion. Nothing could have saved this film from its inevitable predictable death.