42 ★★★★

This is a movie that has been needing to be made for decades. Jackie's story was told with obvious reverence (odd for Hollywood biopics) and acted incredibly. The script seems a bit pander-y and poorly written at times as Jackie's story is told on what feels like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, when in actuality, his fight was years of constant pressure and criticism. But, with all fairness, highlighting these points is basically the only approach you could take to turn the story into a digestible 2-hour flick. There were some pretty ham-fisted comedy relief moments that I think could have gone without showing their heads and ruining the depth of the moments and a pretty bad metaphor at the end (get it? He's running home in the game and in real life?), but these are easily forgiven for me in a movie that has obvious passion in the production. Definitely not a perfect movie, but one worth watching for sports fans and regular people alike.