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  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind


    i truly believe spielberg made a toy model of a mountain in his living room. by moving mountains in preproduction, spielberg is known to iterate and reiterate entire scenes with toy models of the script. toy models within toy models. metatheories made out of clay. i truly believe spielberg when he makes roy say ‘adults do not exist’ while he’s trying to rationalize his own unknown knowns. this resonates with the running joke of E.T. of how adults cannot see…

  • Idizwadidiz


    A new ‘demolition of the wall’ (of language) has brought itself to the Ground [zu Grunde gehen], then back as a background. Isiah Medina. Every plus is a passing through the event-horizon, a projection of the concept of concept which, driven to be unwritten and ceasing to be what it is by an unnatural reverse to natural plane, challenges concepts on another basis than the one of philosophical articulation, outlining the contours of the world of thought. There is a…