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  • Baywatch



    This was a fun turn your brain off and let the dumbness wash over you. Only about half to the jokes land but the ones that do are pretty funny. The crime/dramatic part were pretty lame but it moved the plot forward. David Hasselhoff & Pamela Anderson's cameos were kind of lame. The best part in this movie was the relationship between Ronnie & CJ. Also Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson were a great team.

  • Monstroid: It Came From The Lake

    Monstroid: It Came From The Lake


    Cheap, disposable fun. The movie is low budget and looks it. The monster is poorly made and looks like shit but they used it well and kept it hidden for most of the film using the less is more method. The acting was what one expects from a film like this and there wasn't as many death as I would've liked but it was a fun watch.

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Over all this was a decent superhero film. I liked the actors and I liked the fact that most of the cast were black. However that might actually be part of the problem, because all they seemed to do was take the same tired old story and character template and switch all the white characters and made them black and made the token character white. so while nearly all the characters are black with the token white guy it all…

  • Stardust



    This movie was a hoot. In a lot of ways this reminded me of a live action anime. The acting is all over the place but its part of the films charm. The dialogue is bad, laughably so. The cast was charming and likable I mean the only real downside is Claire Danes who I found annoying and extremely unattractive.