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  • Tea with Mussolini

    Tea with Mussolini


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Much funnier than I expected. I was pleased to see the pro-Fascist character eventually redeemed, as she had all of the best lines! (delivered as only the superlative Dame Maggie Smith can).

    Goodbye, Mr. Zeffirelli.

  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    At first I was thinking: 'Oh, how progressive; there's a Muslim family in the movie, and it's gonna argue that they're both the same God, and to Love Thy Neighbor... Nope; the Muslim father has to be abusive, and instead of following Islam, the girl has to be secretly Christian... I guess I showed too much 'Faith'!

    Also, LOL at the woman with dementia who suddenly becomes lucid enough to pontificate on the challenges of a devout existence, before reverting…

  • Black or White

    Black or White


    Too manipulative and saccharine for its own good... but, damn it all if it didn't get to me, anyway.

    A major part of the reason why I cared was Costner. He's becoming a much better actor, as he ages.

  • Walk of Shame

    Walk of Shame


    Elizabeth Banks earns my undying respect for almost managing to make such a regressive script seem appealing... However, even SHE is no miracle-worker. The makers should hang their heads in shame.

  • The Wife

    The Wife


    See? See what happens when you put Glenn Close in a corner? "Nobody puts... " (message to Academy voters!)

    I loved this. Complex, adult - in age, if not always behaviour - characters, with simmering ambitions and frustrations.

    This is my favourite film since I started logging on Letterbox'd, two and a half years ago, now... Still not quite good enough to make it into the all-time top 4 (it has some stiff competition) but it was a very narrow miss!

  • The Perfect Date

    The Perfect Date


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    OK, so I admit I laughed when he had to pretend to be the douchey boyfriend... That one scene provided the outsized personality characteristics that were sorely lacking, elsewhere...

    ... but besides that, somebody who is capable of being 'whomever you want them to be' just comes off as bland... Here's a thought: how about you try and be "interesting"? ... There; that's got ya stumped, hasn't it?!

    Me thinks that Noah has to channel more of that 'douchey' vibe, when it comes to playing He-Man... (even his regular form is a Prince, after all!)

  • Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

    Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool


    Film stars never die... but they don't all get the last hurrah they deserve, either.

  • I Am Mother

    I Am Mother


    I am not sure what the point was. We all [should] know that women are amazing... but this seems to imply that women aren't capable of being amazing, without artificial assistance.

    ... Or maybe I'm giving this more thought than it deserves!

  • Paddleton



    Way to make me feel guilty about my instinctual dislike of Ray Romano, movie!

    (I'm sure he's the absolute loveliest guy... but it's just that droning voice... I can't. I'm an asshole).

    Anyway, this devastated me even more than "Blue Jay" did, a couple of days ago... and that is something I totally failed to anticipate!

  • Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House

    Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House


    "The Man Who Brought Down the White House" is quite a thunderous title - and unfortunately, the film itself does nothing to downplay that bombastic style.

    Nobody ever seems to have a casual conversation in this movie; they're all either explaining things (to each other, unnaturally - but subliminally to an audience that the film-makers are afraid won't be able to keep up, otherwise) or else indulging in portentous speechifying...

    ... but here's the thing, you can't have every scene…

  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    Sometimes, we waste emotion on moments where it's too late to make a difference ...

    There was no call for that "Toad the Wet Sprocket" diss, though. Geez! :-(

  • The Open House

    The Open House

    I've seen scarier house tours on "Through the Keyhole"/"MTV Cribs" (delete as regionally appropriate) ...

    I knew American basements were BIG... but fuck me!