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  • Dutchman’s Photographs

    Dutchman’s Photographs


    Proto-Spacy: like seeing from the other side of infinity.

  • Been Busy

    Been Busy


    [Full disclosure: the director's a friend of mine]

    Hernandez has a knack for still life, for the mundane and sometimes awkward moments that start up a day, for the familiar and thus unseen bric-a-brac that has vanished from movie theaters (here's some of the loveliest shots of people on their cellphones), which is why whenever Hernandez moves towards traditional coverage, for instance during the conversation scenes between the two leads, or at least a traditonal narrative, I feel something is…

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    An either/or choice between Spielberg's worst instincts - his stubborn schoolboy naivete flaring up whenever he ventures near a situation bearing any political or ideological weight - or his unquestionable ability in being the greatest director of action set-pieces in American movies. No in-betweens here, no nuance; it's a go-for-broke predicament that fitfully ends in a stalemate.


    You don’t need the world to make movies anymore. The endpoint of cinema? The manifesto for future moviemaking?

    Contemporary cinema, if you…

  • Suspiria



    Perhaps it's become a norm for films like these, which carry a certain kind of mid-level prestige and marketing hype, to shuffle through every serious theme and topic relevant to The Discourse like some sort of scatter-brained round of Jeopardy! Suspiria so desperately wants to cover all the bases, scraping up any historical and aesthetic detritus it can then exploit, that it fails to commit to develop any one of its many ideas. At least Argento, no matter what you…