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  • Little Woods

    Little Woods


    this movie tended to drag in various parts, but oh dear if these characters got to me. my heart ached constantly because i wanted so bad for them to be safe, for the system not to swallow them whole; you get to know these two women's struggles deeply, and you know they're good people who sadly have to make tough choices to get to their goals. i felt fear, desperation and hope in just 105 minutes, and i have nia dacosta, tessa thompson and lily james to thank for that.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    this is so bittersweet; i felt as it tore me apart, but at the same time it made everything a 100 times better, it's a rare feeling. i loved it, from the beginning to the end, it brought me both pure joy and sorrow. and the fact that toni collette and paul dano are in this, is just wonderful.

    it's a new addition to my feel-good films imaginary list.

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  • Maniac



    i am speechless. one of the best things i've seen in 2018. maybe in my life. a great portrayal of society, advertising, the pharmaceutical industry, trauma, mental illnesses and even, though briefly but concisely, sexual assault and how everything works around it. it's just perfect. emma stone shined every single episode, she never fails to prove she is one of the best actresses of this generation. jonah hill wasn't quite up to what he could have been but he has…

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    i didn't think i'd end up as moved as i did by the end of this. i feel like kelsey jannings in bojack horseman when she got obsessed with todd because she loved his face ("look at your big saucer eyes! i could go swimming in them!"); that's me with lazzaro. his eyes are so openly earnest, and seeing his sadness is a punch to the chest. even the purest souls aren't safe against how unrelenting this system is.