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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Ready or Not looks like a Cabin in the Woods style wink-fest of tropes. However, this dark action-comedy is a slim, fun movie with sharp commentary on wealthy and the psychological warping that comes with money. The filmmakers do not like rich people, overtly with lines like, "Fucking rich people!" and more subtle hints like the Le Domas = Dumbass? family. I loved the leading heroine Grace (Samara Weaving) in this performance, a 2019 John McClane in a wedding dress and Converses.

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light


    Not really a biopic, not really a love letter to Springsteen, not really a musical. Commit to something, even Springsteen music is just a soundtrack without weight. So soapy, so saccharine. Eh, after Yesterday I was ready for a let down of Baby Boomer music movies. Manipulating the older generations to go out to the theater, since no youths are doing it.

    Made me want to go watch Sing Street again.

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  • One Small Step

    One Small Step


    Animated Short Checklist:
    □ The main character loses/gives up on aspiration.
    □ The lead loses a loved one.
    □ The lead is then motivated to return to dreams inspired by dead beloved.

  • Heroin(e)



    Wonder Women.