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  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    Just watched a very good horror/thriller "The Intruder". I really liked this movie, and watching Dennis Quaid as a psychopath was great fun. A couple buy a remote estate owned by the Quaid character, but all does not go well, and even though he put the place up for sale, he still considered it his property. As the movie moves along, you find our Quaid is not all there, and the horror begins. Very good story, I really enjoyed it, and watching Quaid as a truly bad ass is interesting.

  • Donovan's Brain

    Donovan's Brain


    This 1953 sci fi horror film is one of the better movies of that decade. To me, it's more of a thriller with horror elements, and a truly superb story, and top notch acting and production values. It's been re-released on DVD, and it is an excellent film. The story has to do with a scientist/doctor, that is experimenting with monkees, trying to keep the brain alive after seperation from the body. Along comes a plane crash of a very…

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  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show


    I haven't seen this classic for a while, and it is without doubt, one of the best films about America ever made. It won a bunch of awards, Won 2 Oscars. Another 17 wins & 22 nominations. It's the movie that made Peter Bogdanovich a huge name in movie making. It's about growing up in a very small Texas town in the early fifties. It covers the characters in this small town, the young kids growing up and what the world…

  • I'll Take Your Dead

    I'll Take Your Dead


    I just loved this movie, it's not a horror film until it is, but it is a very well done thriller. You'll understand what I mean if you have seen it, or hopefully will see it. William lives on farm with his young daughter Gloria, and they have lost the Mother due to cancer. William has a part time job, which he really doesn't want, which is to get rid of dead bodies the Mob brings to him and pays…