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  • Aliens




    THE GAME: Metroid II: Return of Samus (1991) [played on Game Boy Advance SP]

    THE PLOT: The Galactic Federation issues a decree that all Metroids must die, and sends researchers to investigate their homeworld: SR388. This team, along with subsequent search and rescue parties (including space marines), is never heard from again. Which means it's time for Samus Aran to collect the ultimate bounty!

    THE REVIEW: "Should I really be doing this?" is not…

  • Alien





    Metroid (1986) [played on Nintendo DS Lite]

    Yoshio Sakamoto: "I think the film Alien had a huge influence on the production of the first Metroid game. All of the team members were affected by HR Giger's design work, and I think they were aware that such designs would be a good match for the Metroid world we had already put in place."

    THE PLOT: Space Pirates are multiplying their stolen Metroids (a…

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  • The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions


    Smith: "Oh, I'm not so bad, once you get to know me."

    Neo establishes a connection with the Source immediately upon entering the Architect's chamber. The One is granted wireless access that no other entity has, explaining his subsequent miraculous demonstrations — short-circuiting sentinels, and remotely detonating waves of bombs. This telepathy enables him to see other machines the way they see each other, after Bane-Smith burns out his eyes. Those glowing, golden money shots of what I call Neovision…

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded


    Neo: "But if you already know, how can I make a choice?"

    Oracle: "Because you didn't come here to make the choice. You've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it."

    Crucial dialogue between Neo and the Oracle that has deep ramifications through the rest of the trilogy, to Neo's final choice. The key to fully comprehending what happened at the end of Revolutions starts around this point in the narrative.

    The older I get,…

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  • School of Rock

    School of Rock


    I used to really like this film.

    Back in the day, I worked at Hollywood Video. For those of you who are too young to know what this business was, it allowed people to rent VHS tapes and DVDs inside a brick & mortar store, for stupidly high prices with ridiculous late fees that would cause customers to yell at me.

    Anyway, one of my co-workers was Rob. All things considered, he's a cool guy. But Rob was/is a huge Jack…

  • Glass



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Elijah: "No, Mama. This is not a limited edition. This was an origin story the whole time."

    M. Night Shyamalan's radical treatise on challenging the status quo, no matter its permutation, rather than fighting each other. And calling attention to truly extraordinary individuals, who the mediocre seek to prevent from flourishing. A reconstruction of superhero tropes, while still maintaining real world consequences. There is no victory without sacrifice. If it wasn't for the Clover Organization killing off people like Elijah,…