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  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


    "I feel like the strange one here."

  • I Walked with a Zombie

    I Walked with a Zombie


    "Everything seems beautiful because you don't understand."

  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy


    “The only thing that’ll keep their marriage alive is care. Care and awareness.”
    “Awareness of what?”
    “That things change.”

  • His Motorbike, Her Island

    His Motorbike, Her Island


    Between color and monochrome, musical and mechanical dance, summer and autumn, dream and “reality.”

  • A Confucian Confusion

    A Confucian Confusion


    The pleasures and interests in A Confucian Confusion are perhaps best expressed in two contradictory, yet not necessarily mutually exclusive, statements made less than five minutes apart: the categorization of Taipei as a small town and as a big place. Coupled with the opening statements the unusually direct intertitle (which in itself is counterposed with the elusive, mysterious dialogue snippet intertitles interspersed throughout) calling Taipei one of the wealthiest cities in the world, the impression is one of a space…

  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II


    Obviously have much, much more to say about this heartstopping masterpiece, but one of the most important aspects seems to be the sudden intrusion of the March 2011 earthquake, only hinted at by iOS designs amid the almost timeless/fantastical quality of the romances. Rather than grounding its surprising, almost radical approach to this odd love triangle, Asako I & II restrains itself to bounding and locating it, all the better to bring forth the flights of fancy. In a film filled to the brim with little details, feelings, and gestures, this act registers as one of the most quietly powerful.

  • Claire's Knee

    Claire's Knee


    "You made such a perfect, sculptural tableau. What do your thoughts matter?"

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    "The Trans-Alpine Yodel waits with optimism and some mild anxiety as the Klubecks flow hither and yon and the wheels of the war machine build up speed. Let us not be fearful, lest the enemies among us groweth emboldened."

  • Nomad



    "We are the society."

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Skilled in the art of vengeance.

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


    Pushes its insistent rhymings with the first film past any reasonable limit: this is no mere referentiality, but conscious inversion and recontextualization from the opening moments, a class-flipped take on the predecessor’s opening scene. That this transpires with the two new main characters, Yeung Yeung and Paul, lends a further unpredictable charge, and a few scenes pass before the original tripartite dynamic is even partially restored — Qi Hong, not coincidentally the most (relatively) stable and committed character of the…

  • Tale of Cinema

    Tale of Cinema


    One of Hong's greatest strengths lies in how he's able to at once bring forth all of the projections men form about women — Youngshil's bedability as an actress, the scars that she may or may not have — and give/encourage a sense of agency; she's never just the feminine ideal or the moderately famous actress, but a fully living person, no less flawed or fully realized than the rest.