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  • Indivisible
  • Summer Hours
  • Private Fears in Public Places
  • Imbued Life

Films Now Showing on MUBI - Chile

30 films

Films now showing on MUBI in Chile, the number means how many days left it has.

  • Aladdin
  • Anna
  • Body at Brighton Rock
  • Crawl
  • The Dead Don't Die

Muriels Watchlist 2019

18 films

Films that I'll watch for the Muriels 2019 before time runs out on me.

  • Communion
  • Genesis 2.0
  • The Vanishing
  • The Venerable W.
  • The Aspern Papers

European Films Released in NYC in 2019

158 films

I shall chronologically list all the European films released in 2018 in the NYC area.

Useful for Watchlists of people…

  • Destroyer
  • Mortal Engines
  • No Quiero Ser Tu Hermano
  • The Quake
  • Cold War

Films Released in Chile 2019

140 films

In alphabetical/release order.

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Show People
  • 7500
  • Adoration
  • Camille

Locarno Film Festival 2019

140 films

Films shown in the 72nd edition of the Locarno International Film Festival. In programming/alphabetical order. Short films not included.


  • Samurai Marathon
  • Another Child
  • The Fable
  • Five Million Dollar Life
  • Han Dan

NYAFF 2019

53 films

Films shown in the 18th edition of the New York Asian Film Festival, in New York City. In programming/alphabetical order.

  • Glass
  • Good Omens
  • Pain and Glory
  • Varda by Agnès
  • She Is Cristina

Best Films of 2019

20 films

Another year, another chance to be ridiculed due to my taste. The best films of 2019, only 2019 premieres allowed.

  • Wanderer
  • Haydee y el pez volador
  • Lemebel
  • Los Reyes
  • Sumerged


19 films


  • Bang Bang
  • Time for Revenge
  • Whisky
  • Under the Skin
  • Chronicle of a Boy Alone

Copa America 2015 Project RANKED

14 films

Ranking of the films I saw for my Copa America 2015 series at my blog.

See the results at

  • The Bridegroom, the Actress, and the Pimp
  • Moses and Aaron
  • Not Reconciled
  • Stormy Waters
  • Lumière d'Été

"Straub" by Richard Roud

32 films

Book Project.

Films mentioned in the book "Straub" by Richard Roud.

  • Brief Story from the Green Planet
  • Carmen and Lola
  • Cassandro, the Exotico!
  • Mr. Leather
  • One Taxi Ride

AMOR Festival 2019

17 films

Films shown at the LGBTQ+ Festival in Santiago, Chile. In programming/alphabetical order. Short films not included.

Missing from Letterboxd: ·…

  • The Father
  • Patrick
  • The Man of the Future
  • La Belle Indifference
  • Lara

Karlovy Vary 2019

136 films

Films shown at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in its 54th edition. In programming/alphabetical order. Short films not included.…