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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    It's now December 10th, and at no point in the last two months have I had any desire to rewatch 'A Star Is Born'. I enjoyed the movie at the time, but for me, it has zero rewatch value.


    One possible reason for my incremental apathy towards the movie is the fatal story decision to have Jackson Maine commit suicide near the end of the movie. In my view, this was a totally unnecessary, defeatist downer, and an easy,…

  • Widows



    Grossly overhyped, just like every Steve McQueen movie. Professional 'critics' are such mewling sycophants these days, and whenever a movie has the magic formula (i.e. Female leads + multicultural cast + tenuous race theme) they fall over themselves to hurl effusive praise, irrespective of whether the movie is actually worthy. A few points:

    * Everything in this movie is surface level. In my view, the 'race' aspect so about which so many critics are pontificating has less depth than 'Crash',…

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  • Halloween


    Holy shit. What a fucking travesty. I can't believe how bad this turned out to be. The hype for this generic turd is off the charts, and legions of undemanding sheep with low standards (i.e. millennials) will ensure a huge opening weekend. However, make no mistake: this is not just a bad Halloween movie, it's bad movie overall.

    As a big horror movie fan who loves the Halloween series, I was excited to see this, but it failed miserably on…

  • Kill List

    Kill List


    Fantastic. One of the best British films in years, and just gets better every time I watch it. For some reason, it's criminally underrated, but given the subject matter, it's no surprise that 'Kill List' didn't get a wide cinema release.

    On the surface, the story seems simple: two (ex-military) hitmen take on a new assignment for a bunch of shady businessmen, but there's so much more to it than that. It starts off as one thing, but morphs genres…