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  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    Everyone is a little bit right and everyone a little wrong.

    A moving portrait of a family breaking apart and grasping at straws to stay together while pushing apart at the same time. You'll laugh and cry, as they say. A young Jesse Eisenberg gives a great performance, along with the rest of the main family.

    Difficult movie to sum up, but I feel like it's worth revisiting in the future.

  • 11/8/16



    A fascinating somewhat insightful look into election day in 2016. Hard to say what more it could've done, but I felt it was lacking some kind of oomph, though maybe that's the point? Regardless the drama of said night does enough to sustain this film in spite of some lack of depth of flair.

    Maybe it has to do with there being so many directors, though stylistically it's similar throughout.

    After looking at some other reviews, I realize unfocused…

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  • Her



    This review was originally published in the Highlander newspaper on 1/14/14.

    “Are these feelings even real, or are they just programming?” In “Her,” the latest effort from director and writer Spike Jonze (“Where the Wild Things Are,” “Being John Malkovich”), Jonze examines how love works with and around modern — or in this case, near-future — technology. A moving script, striking visuals and standout performances allow Jonze to take a nuanced look at how our current lives and relationships…