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    It Follows


    "Who puts a synthesizer in a horror film score?!" - the poor, hopeless woman who sat in front of me in the theater.

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  • Creed II

    Creed II


    Creed II takes what Coogler and company established in their first film and pushes it to new heights. While the formula is familiar, this film proves that there is no need to fix what isn't broken. This is a story about family and legacy, in the most epic sense, and is technically tighter than its predecessor. This franchise was revitalized in 2015 and the team took the opportunity they had to make another knockout film. They succeeded.

  • Halloween



    Truly a cinematic abomination. I'm so sorry, John Carpenter. Your vision will live on with the first three installments.

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  • Michael Lives: The Making of 'Halloween'

    Michael Lives: The Making of 'Halloween'


    This four-hour documentary provides an in-depth, day-by-day look at the production of one of my favorite horror re-imaginings. If you enjoyed the film and are interested in the filmmaking process, definitely check this out.

  • Angst



    This is a bloody masterpiece.