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  • Gertrud


    My new favourite Dreyer. A series of conversations often so painful the participants can barely look each other in the eye. Where people speak of the essentials of truth without being able to confront it, except for Gertrud.

    Never has so much been said about relationship dynamics through seating, than with this film. All these conversations centred around the nature of a relationship at the centre of the scene - defined by the chairs or benches where the characters are…

  • Emotion


    "Farewell Dracula. Farewell youth"

    "Some day we too will be fallen leaves"

    What freedom. The film ostensibly "ends" with a "fin" title card, then he says "Someday I'll make a Dracula movie" then immediately proceeds with his 2 minute Dracula movie. As if he feels like this could be a last stab at this kind of youthful vitality and total freedom in filmmaking that he'd better do it now before he grows up and misses this moment. There's a wonderful…

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  • The Trial

    The Trial

    This is not really a film, but it's here and it's amazing. Years of character and world building leads to this brilliantly and hilariously conceived trial. Excellent performances all around maintain the skewed reality of the On Cinema universe to perfection.

    From Tim's perfect "dirtbag straining to appear as a decent upstanding man" outfit combination of ill-fitting suit and goatee, to Gregg chowing down on popcorn, and the occasional explosive outburst, it is a comedic experiment unlike any other.


  • The Age of Innocence

    The Age of Innocence

    I think this just became my favourite Scorsese film. So much life and colour and texture. Lordy is it rich. So much I could say.

    The age of innocence is a time in history, place, and culture, as well as in life. One can compare two scenes from this film and Phantom Thread wherein Daniel Day Lewis sits with a woman while she does needlework, and learn a lot about all of these things.

    In Phantom Thread he sits by…