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  • Nightmare Honeymoon

    Nightmare Honeymoon


    This is a study of the effects of rape and murder which being about quite a strain on David and Jill's relationship. That is the focus as their honeymoon is not what they signed up for, which makes the actions of the killers that they encounter all the more surprising. They don't want anything other than to give into their misdeeds even though David is determined to avoid that, so it a becomes a sort of tug or war that…

  • Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom

    Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom


    Having read some of H.P. Lovecraft's stories, I thought I'd give this a whirl only to find myself underwhelmed. The environment work, particularly the snow-covered landscapes fits with the stylized look, which I liked even though I found the texture work lacking in detail. On that note, the characters' blank expressions are hard to overlook, which gives off the impression that the animators were only doing this for the money. That's not to say that the characters don't express emotion,…

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  • Cat in the Brain

    Cat in the Brain


    What a mindbender. Lucio Fulci inserts himself into a world that is as off the wall as his films are in this autobiographical showcase of gore and nightmarish visions. He is certainly passionate when it comes to filmmaking, which is why his films have such an effect on him. He knows what he wants out of his actors, so the more his films affect him, the more deranged he becomes, particularly to the point where following the script is abandoned…

  • The City of Violence

    The City of Violence


    This is a spectacle of Korean action cinema that has no shortage of adrenaline. There are some moments which are dialogue heavy, but not enough to the point that they cause the fight scenes to lose their impact because the pacing moves along consistently as the flashbacks and motives behind the characters' actions are conveyed without dragging on or coming off as unnecessary. In fact, those elements are what establish Tae-su and Seok-hwan's partnership as they investigate the reasons behind…