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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    A lovely little movie bursting with beautifully drawn and acted characters where each family member gets their due. Zhao Shuzhen is a wonder.

    Seen in a weird-ass theatre that apparently routinely shuts off the credits partway through. Was compelled to walk a ways in silence to a further subway stop with a smile on my face that persisted all the way home - essentially my highest compliment.

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    *a big Keanu thumbs up gif while I collect my thoughts*

  • Elevator to the Gallows

    Elevator to the Gallows


    At least half of my initial interest in this stemmed from the spectacular title. Much to my delight, it features a literal elevator! Also beautiful cinematography, a nice helping of anti-cop rhetoric, and some fun twists and turns. Aces!

  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    Much like its subject, pretty hilarious until it causes irreparable damage.

    I adore Jesse Eisenberg in Double-mode but goddamn, Alessandro Nivola is just an incredible, controlled monster that makes all this work oh so well.

  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    Sisters are the fucking best.

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    Pretty sure I live in this house now.

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    I want more hot knife lady Linda Cardellini.

  • Midsommar



    Had an almost embarassing amount of fun with this thing.

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    Tech bro villainy, awkward/sweet teens, vibrant setpieces... a pretty nice mess.

  • Collateral



    Likely better if you don't watch it in two segments months apart like this doofus 🙃

  • The Wrong Guy

    The Wrong Guy


    What a damn delight.

    Particularly enthusiastic chef's kiss to the truly absurd and beautiful farmer/banker switcheroo.

    "Be sure nice to tear this bank down and plant me a fresh crop of corn."

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    I'm not sure why this movie exists but we can go ahead and give CLJ best supporting actor, please and thank you.