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  • Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

    Black Mirror: Striking Vipers


    Not adding it to any list, but this was fun I guess. 
    It’s lost some of the nuance and brevity of previous season openers but it’s fun and new with good performances

  • Aladdin



    A reimagining that keeps some of the fun and nostalgia alive but not much of the magic.

    The two leads are great and Will Smith does his best as the genie who is always interesting, but not always for the best.
    The new song was average, they butchered some classics, but they also rocked a couple.
    Jafar and Iago were awful though.

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  • Wheelman



    Director: Fuck man, what can we call this? Drive?
    Head guy: taken
    Director: drive angry?
    Head guy: taken 
    Director: The Driver?
    Head guy: taken
    Director: fuck sake, we’re gonna have to call it fuckin Wheel man or some dumb shit
    Head guy: say that again?

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War



    My new favourite Marvel Movie:
    Holy mother of God, they've done it, Marvel have crafted a near masterpiece that hit me right in the heart, and not only matched Winter Soldier, but over took it.

    This is not a Super hero movie, it's a story of guilt, loyalty, revenge and tragic revelations. All while having the greatest action scenes of any MCU film, and possibly super hero films.

    This doesn't just work as a team up…