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  • Coco



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of Pixar's best.  Watched it last night with my wife and son. He loved it the whole way through, although at 4 years old, he didn't quite get the "family hates music because of a great great grandfather abandoning the family" thing at the beginning.

    Very touching story.  Beautiful animation.  Even at 2D it felt like an amazing immersive world. Thought it was interesting how Mexican heaven looks like a combination of Kowloon Walled City and Disney world.


  • Bright



    Just finished watching “Bright” with my wife.  Pretty fun watch. Pleasantly surprised. My wife actually really liked it and she’s not even into fantasy movies.    I thought it was cool and fun, but I wish they wrote the Orc cop Jakoby to be more, well, bright.  

    When he needed to kick ass, he kicked ass, but when we spoke, he sounded too innocent, too nice guy, and kind of dim witted. I know orcs are not supposed to be the…

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  • Ghostbusters


    So much potential... so much fail. Not necessarily the worst movie ever made, but easily the worst remake ever made.

  • Sky Force 3D

    Sky Force 3D


    I'm a little biased since I was one of the writers.  Was excited to work on this flic, since it was my first time writing for a kids movie and I had only done horror comedies before this one.  For a while it was my son's favorite movie to watch. He would chose it above even Disney and Pixar movies that I would pull out to watch.  That definitely made it all worthwhile.