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  • Gentleman Jack

    Gentleman Jack


    Remarkable. It’s so incredibly funny, fascinating, heartbreaking at times, and epically romantic. I think this may be my new favorite love story. 

    When Ann says “Would you like to come for dinner.... and then stay all night?” my heart did a backflip.

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    Greatest opening scene I’ve ever come across. The way it captures a growing feeling of dread (one of my favorite emotions in art) is so incredibly, terrifyingly effective and engaging. And the bar scene somehow manages to be just as tense, anxious, and masterful.

    I mean, wow this is a really, really great story told expertly well by the director and actors.

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  • Disobedience



    When Rachel 1 asked Rachel 2 if she still only fancies women and Rachel 2 responded with a fervent nod, a devilish grin, and by taking a puff of Rachel 1's cigarette I lost it.

    Honestly this may be the best stealth comedy of the year.

  • Lizzie



    The fake SNL super bowl commercial for Totino's pizza roles starring Kristen Stewart is significantly better (and sexier) than this movie.