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  • The Space Between Us

    The Space Between Us


    Almost gets by on the strength of its premise alone, since the concept of an individual born and raised on Mars making his way to Earth is so inherently interesting. Sadly whatever momentum this film's solid first act generates is pretty much gone the second Gardner arrives on Earth. I almost admire how brazenly cheesy this film is (the kid is literally dying because he has a heart "too big" for Earth), but the standard trappings of the YA genre…

  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery


    Didn’t make me laugh once, but I’m an absolute sucker for this brand of murder mystery stories, so I kinda enjoyed it. It’s mostly typical bland Sandler comedy beats, but some aspects make me wonder what might’ve been with a more inspired creative team.

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  • Meet the Robinsons

    Meet the Robinsons


    "Hey Goob, what's up? Cool binder."
    "Hey Goob, want to come over to my house today?"
    "They all hated me."

    I relate to Goob on a personal level.

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    It's the little moments. An old, powerless man standing alone against Loki, the way a wisecracking machine like Tony is at a loss for words pondering the death of a man whose first name he just learned, Hawkeye unloading a bus of civilians in the midst of combat, that small glance that passes between Widow and Banner as the latter slowly loses control, Loki's sadistic smile at the chaos he creates in Germany, the desperation in Thor's voice as he…