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  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger


    Reading reviews of this movie can be infuriating " oh it's too slow...." You mean like a Charles Burnett film.?It's a really beautiful piece of work...much like Danny Glover's character. I need to rewatch to pick up everything that's going on but it's deeply powerful.

  • The Presence

    The Presence


    I thought this was pretty well done and scary in places. Maybe not the most original but are we coming to found footage style horror for originality?
    One thing I find very heard to cope with in the found footage genre is how obnoxious the characters seem to be even for a horror film. Like "The House October Built" was a pretty scary and inventive movie but the main characters were so repellent that it made it hard to get…

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  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Something about "The Shining" that bothers me from listening to a lot of commentary about it, a commonly perceived flaw in the film is that from the beginning Jack Nicholson feels a bit nuts and so when he starts losing his sanity, it's not a surprise. This was King's critique of the film and why for his terrible remake from the 90's, he got everyman Steven Weber to play Jack Torrance.
    While Jack Torrance does come across as kind…

  • Disconnected



    This movie is extremely odd as others have commented. I really enjoy Frances Raines, she's extremely charming in her double role as Alicia/ Barbara Ann.
    There's also just something very charming about the film's documentation of a suburban Connecticut environment. The video store and the interactions Alicia has with her customers therein. Alicia is haunted by a malevolent entity who has entered her home and torments her through very loud phone calls. This specter as the film goes on becomes…