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  • About Schmidt

    About Schmidt

    Alwxander Payne’s crafting of complex and developed characters that also feel real and human is something to be trully admired in modern cinema. Often times they aren't bold heroes or dubious villains but his characters are regular people who cant simply be characterised as either or. They are flawed, a genuine human characteristic. This combination with clever and well written humour and a fluid yet structured narrative make hisfilms effortlessly  watchable and enjoyable whilst also deeply moving and emotionally heart-wrenching. Thus is the genius of Payne, even one of the films themes is in his own name. Fantastic film

  • Election


    Going into this I was expecting it to be a typical, slighlty corny high school filmlike  Mean Girls, which would have been fine. However, it turned out to be an extremely complex, intelligent and well structured film. The use of irony and motifs throughout is the painstaking attention to detail that this film has. The internal monologue for each  character is also an extremely innovative technique. Gotta see Alexnader Payne’s other movies now.

  • Turner & Hooch

    Turner & Hooch

    Although the storys thin and the main plot acts almost as a backdrop. The relationship between Tom Hanks and Hooch is fun to watch, and at times moving despite te cheesy 80s music. The addition of Reginald VelJohnson is nice too. Overall, Hanks and Hooch fun and somewhat memorable the rest of the story is disposable and predictable

  • Parkland


    Pretty underwhelming look at the assassination of JFK. Although Zac Efron was pretty good and the hospital aspect was a new addition the rest of the material as already been covered in depth and it felt rather redundant. Also, the zoom and shaky camera felt sloppy and some of the acting by fairly big stars was so over the top.

  • Good Time

    Good Time

    Overall. I think its good, not great but good. I loved the neon soaked night life, 80s throwback electronic score and a brilliant performance from soon to be Batman Robert Pattinson but a part of me isnt fully sold. 

    I understand the limitations of independent filmmaking but by the ens it feels like there is no resolution and a lack of substance the same feeling I had with the movie ‘Whiplash’. Also one thing that slightly bothered me which normally…

  • Waldo's Big Night

    Waldo's Big Night

    Great short film by my buddy @Carter_Aakhus. Really well executed for a student made short film. Enjoyed the story as it had a simple premise but the plot took some twists and turns. The cinematography and directing were probably the best aspects in my opinion really top notch. Only slight drawback was I found some characters/ acting better or more enjoyable then others but overall I would highly recommend and look forward to Carter’s other projects in the future.

  • 3 Men and a Baby

    3 Men and a Baby

    The first 20 minutes although somewhat vital for understanding each character and the story I thought were pretty terrible. But after that it has consistent laughs and fun storytelling that you can forget about the 80s cheese and the over the top heartfelt moments. Its a great time all round. Side note: I want to live in the apartment in this movie the set design is awesome

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

    Testosterone fulled, ball-busting non-stop action. The story is a little thin and the villain slightly weak if i were being critical but its hard to when the action is this good. Need to see the other 2 now.

  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves

    Devastating. Its incredible how the film is crafted to be at points both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. The acting, direction and just overall execution is up there with the best I have ever seen. Its shocking to see contemporary post-war effects pictured on screen. A shining example of how the best films may not always be in English. If the last 10 minutes dont cause a lump in your throat I dont know what will.

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear

    Top notch thriller from beginning to end. Really interested to see the Scorsese remake and see if De Niro can top Mitchum’s masterful performance. The last 20 minutes of this are edge of your seat suspense filled drama. Highly recommend this classic.

  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day

    Remembered this film so well despite not seeing it in a couple of years. Just pure and honest joy, I love every moment of it

  • Aladdin


    I would be incredibly suprised if the remake managed to top this. Fantastic movie all around