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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense goes beyond classification as a concert film and into the realm of genuine cinematic masterclass. Demme/Talking Heads start simple with a single dude holding a guitar, tape player by his side, on a janky soundstage and from here a new instrument, voice, or artistic direction is added with every song until an intricate state of aural harmony is reached. The building blocks of music (and film) composition are broken down to the bare minimum then built back…

  • The First Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    The First Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special

    Greg's dejected face after The Hobbit didn't win Best Picture is both the funniest and saddest thing I have ever seen

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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    It's like a big ball of hope, humor and warmth without any over-sentimentality or cheesiness. It has an overwhelming sense of optimism but never becomes dishonest, an incredible achievement in my book. From start to finish it repeatedly makes me laugh and enjoy myself. When it's over I want to watch it again. I need more thoughtful films like this in my life.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Here are all the reasons why the future is hopeless and all is lost. Toller will die. The corruption of our civilization will tear the planet to pieces soon after. The human race will go extinct. The planet will die. All will go to oblivion.

    Toller becomes completely convinced of all of this, and then he feels hope. But did he find hope in spite of the despair, or because of it? Like the resurrection in Ordet or Jesus…