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  • 0.5 mm

    0.5 mm


    Obscure roads gives us clarity. Punishing roads exposes life for what it is. Nothing in life is wasted.”

    According to 0.5 Miri, elderly people are all the same. They whether live the rest of their lives trying to make it easier to someone else or they hide their innermost feelings searching for a substitute for their loneliness, trying to fill the unbearable void that aging brought. The feeling that waking up every morning knowning that this cruel and apathetic world…

  • High Life

    High Life


    me: :(

    Claire Denis:

    🧪 . * . * 👉👌💦 *. 🧬. *
    * 👩‍🚀 . * * 👨‍🚀 *
    🌌 🚀 shall we? 🌌🚀
    🚼. *. * 💀 * . 🤰 * . 💉 * . 🧫

    me: :(

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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    The loves of youth are often ephemeral loves. They shape us, teach us to forgive, to commit, to be true to yourselves and eventually they end and become memories. Some people have the courage to make a new life, some flee. Some grow long sweet roots, while others remain stuck.

    Pawel Pawlikowski's love letter to his parents, whom he describes as “both strong, wonderful people, but as a couple a never-ending disaster”, tells the story of two youths who meet…

  • Roma



    “We are alone. No matter what they say, we women are always alone.”

    It takes courage for an artist to revisit the past and dig deeper into his own memories in order to create. In order to astonish. In order to celebrate. In order to immortalize something, someone. They say that every fragment of art is somehow personal, I like to believe that. But many of them screams, many of them are so intimate and direct that they scream. And…