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  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    7.5/10! Good, but the ending was just meh....

    Ad Astra, starring Brad Pitt is about an astronaut who goes into space looking for his lost father, whose experiment threatens our Solar System. Another space movie like Gravity, Interstellar and The Martian. Very impressive film. Visually stunning. A lot of cool action shots, and definitely a MUST-SEE in IMAX. The musical score and sound mixing is great. It's a very quiet movie that makes you feel like you're really in space.…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    7.5/10! Good! Had some nitpicking though. It could've been better and it's not as good as the first, but still really good.

    Just got back a while ago from seeing It Chapter Two! I f*cking hate clowns but I loved the 2017 movie. This one wasn't great as I had hoped for, but it was still good. You have to watch Chapter One (it's on netflix now if you haven't seen it) in order understand what's going on. I think…

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  • Triple Frontier

    Triple Frontier


    6.5/10! Ok, but it could've been a better story. One dumb decision and it all went to hell. It felt really pointless and made me feel sorry for them.

  • Hulk



    4/10! Thought this movie was so cool and awesome back then 😂😂😂😂 now I realize it kinda sucked. I only liked the dog fight in the forest, the way the Hulk runs and jumps (lol), and the one part before the final fight when him and the dad were chained up sitting across from each other. Nick Nolte mocking his yelling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Inception



    9.5/10! Great

  • 2012



    6/10! Who else thought the world was gonna end in 2012 😂😅👀