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  • General Magic

    General Magic


    I think they're probably giving the company too much credit for quote-unquote "predicting" the smartphone. I mean, Star Trek quote-unquote "predicted" the iPhone. The thing that I found most interesting here is how you have a company made up of the smartest people in Silicon Valley at the time and even they were caught off-guard by the emergence of the internet.

  • Police Academy

    Police Academy


    Looking back, it is wild to me that this film started one of the biggest franchises of the 80s.

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  • Sneakers



    I fucking LOVE this film. It's my ultimate comfort film.


    There's a bit, a plot point, where Mary McDonnell was pretending to be hooked up with Stephen Tobolowsky on a computer date to get his office access card and his voice print and stuff and she gets stung. Except they make it look like she's not stung. And then, being a pro grifter, she goes "This is the last computer date I go on" and Ben Kingsley mafia-hacker goes…

  • Whiplash



    If you were to draw a venn diagram of three of my favourite films — Rocky, Full Metal Jacket and The Social Network — right in the middle you’d find Whiplash. In the same way that Jaws isn’t really a film about a shark, this isn’t really a film about drumming. It’s a film about obsession. It’s a film about drive and being driven. It’s a film about sacrifice.

    There’s so much to like about this film. The performances from…