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  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In


    Wow. Probably the most disturbing out of Almodovar films (the ones I’ve seen of course). 

    This is just a more messed up and scientific Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! And Antonio Banderas is way creepier and not loveable at all! 

    I can’t believe the dad from Spy Kids 1-3 does shit like this when not touring as the bad ass spy dad he’s remembered for. 

    Aside from this fucked up movie, binge watching 9 Almodovar films in less than…

  • Midsommar



    I decided to sleep before logging this because it might help me think more about it. 

    And I’ve decided...

    I got nothing. 

    There is so much to this movie that I wish I had understood on first watch, but I guess I just have to see it a second time now. (Thanks AMC Stubs A-List). 

    I can say that this was so beautifully shot. It was endlessly bright and colorful, which in hand heightened every single disturbing image. Aster truly…