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  • Mute



    stellar visuals, cast and costuming but just boring as hell...

  • Annabelle: Creation

    Annabelle: Creation


    it was good til they possessed the wee blonde girl then it became a troll mess

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  • Us




    - The performances in this film were super strong, especially from Lupita. 
    - Kept me entertained.
    - The visuals in this film are really well put together. Tons of foreshadowing and piecing together.
    - The entire idea/twist is really cool and interesting. 


    - While the beginning and end of the film were super solid, I feel the middle had plenty of fat that could’ve been removed.
    - I realize this is a Peele film but the comedic undertone…

  • Halloween



    i really don’t get the love for this series... Friday the 13th and A nightmare on elm street are way better... this is yet another boring, long, stupid and weak entry to this series that just needs to die.