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  • The Laplace's Demon

    The Laplace's Demon


    Dripping in inky black and white, THE LAPLACE'S DEMON is a Twilight Zoney, Outer Limits-esque thought experiment about the inescapability of fate. And that black-and-white is such a brilliant choice. The entire movie exists in a heightened sense of reality and the stylistic choices help amplify it's classic cinema ambitions. THE LAPLACE'S DEMON is an incredibly well though-out chiller that answers as any questions as it asks. Like an Agatha Christie novel that has been filtered through a suspense simulator, THE LAPLACE'S DEMON is a murder mystery magic trick.

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  • Glass



    Glass is the final chapter of an unpredictable series. We were all taken by surprise at the sheer scope of the franchise, but its point of view into an all-too-familiar genre is what keeps me coming back. The way Unbreakable saw the world, injected magic back into the mundane. Shyamalan, as he’s done in his best work, bent and flexed the lens we looked through until we watched it splinter and fracture. If reality was shattered in the previous films,…

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  • The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

    The Standoff at Sparrow Creek


    Like the first time I saw Chinatown or Blow Out, the final moments of The Standoff At Sparrow Creek are a powerful punch in the gut that left me completely speechless.

    Sparrow Creek builds toward a chaotic ending that feels less and less preventable as the minutes go by. It’s an end that the men morbidly look forward to, as though it were their duty to carry out a suicide mission and martyr themselves against their own fears. That fear…

  • Lowlife



    LOWLIFE is a Highlight for Genre Film

    Lowlife is a home-spun tale of honor, legacy, and black market organ transplants. An intricate juggling act of intersecting stories, Ryan Prows feature film debut signals a new, bold voice in genre film making. Practically a love letter to magical realism, Lowlife is the story of an addict, an ex-con, and a luchador whose lives collide at the center of an organ harvesting operation.

    A strong example of character-driven storytelling, Lowlife holds no…