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  • Phantasm



    "I just don't get off on funerals, man. They give me the creeps."

    This film is like an eerie and surreal dream you can only remember parts of after waking. Everything feels so familiar yet slightly skewed.
    This is a great film to re-watch multiple times from other perspectives. I notice other oddities every time I watch it. Very few pieces of art make me feel the way this movie does and I love it with all of my nerdy…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    A Science-fiction, body horror, timeless, MASTERPIECE. I can not get enough of this movie. I already want to watch it again and that is a very rare feeling for me. I bought the Scream Factory blu-ray and am loving every bit of this restoration and all the glorious extras. Just buying movies again is something I've been enjoying. I really like to support a piece of art that means a lot to me.

    I know Ennio Morricone did the original…

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  • Midsommar



    Ari Aster is the king of making me feel unsettled. This guy really knows how to disturb folks and make them dwell on a film long after the credits roll. Even though I did not enjoy this film, it's not particularly bad, it just isn't for me. In fact it's shot really beautifully and Florence Pugh's (Dani) acting was superb.

    The story is my main beef with this film. It's a quite basic cult story with a few gruesome parts.…

  • Freddy vs. Jason

    Freddy vs. Jason


    I have watched every Friday the 13th and every Nightmare on Elm Street film over the last few weeks, just to end on the notorious FVJ. It was a long strange journey and a trip I plan to never take again. I found my favorites and I will stick with those. The biggest thing I learned from this binge. I prefer Friday the 13th as a whole over the Nightmare movies, but Nightmares highs are better than any F13 flick.…

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  • Jaws



    What a fucking masterclass. I've been binging on Friday the 13th flicks and no offense to them but seeing these back to back, you realize what good acting and amazing direction can do for a film. If i could break the scale and give this film over a 5, I would.

    My wife had never seen this, so I quickly jumped on the chance to watch it with her. Seeing her jump, squirm and scream really just added to the…

  • Mandy



    A truly unique experience. The first half put me in a hypnotic trance and the second half hit me with a bolt of energy. During the opening scene when I heard King Crimson being played over the credits and beautiful forest shots, I knew this movie would me my sort of jam.
    The use of color in this was excellent and kept my attention span longer than a lingering shot typically would. The color scheme and lighting gave me vibes…