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  • Tully



    Too real.

    Just, uh... too real.

    Undecided on whether the turn it takes works 100%, but I think I really love it.

    The most honest depiction of parenting I've seen (ever?) in a while.

  • Fyre



    I can't resist the schadenfreude inherent in watching this, but it is also such a good diagnostic of our poisonous worship of the entrepreneur. And what suckers we are for image and hype.

    Pretty maddening, but enlightening.

    And, it should be noted, this doc is slightly ethically compromised because of Jerry Media's involvement.

    Curious about the Hulu doc too, but that one actually paid Billy McFarland so... I dunno. Maybe I've had my fill.

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  • Whiplash



    In a recent interview with Marc Maron, while talking about There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson said:

    "Anytime you can kinda narrow it to something akin to Tom and Jerry or any of that kinda Spy vs. Spy kinda thing... that's always when it seems to be good. I like it when it's firing that way, when it's really just these two knuckleheads hammering out agreements between each other, it's great."

    That's one of the things that makes me…

  • Glass



    Shyamalan does what Shyamalan wants to do.

    That's something I think(?) I genuinely respect him for. Even when the result is as baffling as this.

    I've seen some really heartfelt praise for this movie, as well as some pretty vehement dismissal. I'm too fascinated by it to dismiss it as trash, but I found so much of it too awkward to be fully on board with almost any of it.

    There are moments sprinkled throughout that started to win me…