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  • Battleship Potemkin

    Battleship Potemkin


    Very fun for propaganda. This Eisenstein guy knew what he was doing (can't help but be a glib asshole with something this famous, sorry)

  • The Devil, Probably

    The Devil, Probably


    Meaningless melodrama, an ending world, and a kid who doesn't realise that being nothing is not a natural extension of doing nothing. Unlike the rest of Bresson's movies that I've seen, The Devil, Probably doesn't attempt to just be—for most of its runtime, it's his most self-consciously movie-like object, a fiction where you can hear the main author chortling behind the scenes, almost looking down at these fools his god has created. And that clear sense of POV is what…

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  • Churchill



    This movie ends with a title card informing the audience who won World War 2.

  • Holiday



    Clinical, despairing look at a naive young woman gradually understanding then sadly accepting the systemic misogyny that permeates the world. Haneke-esque simple long takes, blind whites and blue hues surrounding acts of savage violence and complicity. Has maybe the most graphic and terrible act of sexual violence I've seen in a film (more so than Irreversible which is at least placed within a heightened cinematic space that allows a bit of distance. This is in your face objectivity, quiet and…