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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    Wow so, I hadn't seen this since it came out, and I'd never seen it in a theater so it was mostly like watching it anew tonight.

    I think anyone who loves film has to be struck by the unique editing, the takes that he obviously did several times of the same scene, with different cameras and different ways the scene plays out, but then edited like somehow all those dimensions just fluidly intersect.

    It gives the whole film a…

  • Trash Humpers

    Trash Humpers


    Oh my goodness.
    It was really weird seeing this in a big theater packed with people.
    I noticed, when I was looking around at people's reactions, that everyone else was doing the same thing, every ten minutes or so, in some kind of rotation, everyone would try to not be obvious, but kind of take the temperature of the room, lots of side eyes, lots of facial expressions like "are you seeing what I'm seeing?" "do other people think this…

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  • It's Alive

    It's Alive


    This is exactly why I never wanted kids!

  • Rawhead Rex

    Rawhead Rex


    Monster playing watersports with an Irish priest, you really can't top this for St. Paddy's Day.

    I was just reading y'all's reviews on this and several folks referenced Clive Barker not liking this film of his screenplay, so I googled that and on his website there's a bunch of quotes explaining his thoughts on it, and actually he seems to go back on forth on liking it, he mostly just didn't like how they dismissed him during the filming. Promising…