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  • Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio


    Giallo AF. Reel becoming real. Art imitating life.

    All work and no play makes Gilderoy a dull boy.

  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight


    Out of mind.

    A steppin' stone for Stevo to 11.

    Overlong, very much so.

  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom


    Mercy in it's excess creates pathology
    Who is more merciful than a mother.

  • Chernobyl



    All of it... MADNESS.

    So much for "utopian victory".

    FURY ROAD is a foregone conclusion.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Self-righteous Pathological altruism gone haywire ie Arc of Thanos.

  • The Perfection

    The Perfection


    Cello rules.

  • West of Memphis

    West of Memphis


    A clusterfuck whodunit fo' sure.

  • Brimstone



    Now that's Bible for you folks, full of Fire & Brimstone signifying FURY ROAD.

    PS King in the north😭

  • The Rover

    The Rover


    Come to think of it, I have never seen a less than riveting performance from Guy Pearce, even in the bad ones
    Pattinson is a highlight
    this movie rules.

  • Us



    Mad respect for trying.

  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    Hergéian + $pielbergian = Adventure on steroids

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Holds just as robust as the first viewing.