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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    Too lazy to put all the lists here but all the updated ones are most recent 5.

    I did not expect to like it that much you know every year since the early 2000s, I always said there was never going to be a Spider-Man movie better than Spider-Man 2. Then “Homecoming” came and it almost got that honor but it did not quite hit that level, but then the year after that we got the war perfect movie “Into…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


     Road to Endgame #22: The Endgame
    This movie! I am in Ahhhh, so in love!!! I am still struggling on if I like it more than the Winter Solider. This movie is so amazing! Wow, Wow, Wow!

    ENDGAME REVIEW: The scope of Avengers Endgame is literally impossible to put into words. The things Feige, The Russo’s, and everyone else in the MCU have done is incredible, I still cannot believe this movie was 11 years in the making and trust…

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  • Brother Bear

    Brother Bear


    Walt Disney Studios Animation: Here

    I was in a Disney mood after watching that Disney + presentation tonight and I had 3 choices for movies tonight, I could watch Brother Bear, my friends movie, or Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Obviously being a huge Disney fan and an aspiring animator I chose the film that is 100% animation (sorry Mas, maybe tomorrow after Disney’s movie panel). 

    Brother Bear is soooo underrated, it upsets to really angers me how much unnecessary hate…

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Sorry I have been gone so long I haven’t logged a movie since like the 18th, mainly because I have been watching lots of TV (Dr. Stone is a great show btw) and when I am not doing that I am working. But I just watched this and I should hopefully be Reviewing my second favorite animated film soon.

    Review: Hmmm it was fun movie, I suprised it is being classified in the horror genre; it is not scary at…

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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    A24 Ranked: Here

    Probably one of the most relatable films I have ever seen as someone who spent some of there childhood living that low class Florida lifestyle I really related a lot to this story especially since this was definitely filmed in Florida. 

    One of the best stories, I have seen in a while as it truly does depict what it is like to live in that lower class Florida life. The screenplay was also very well written and…

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Top 100: Here

    Uhhhh uuhhhhhh wow! I actually was blown away by this film easily one of my favs ever. Beautiful, crisp, amazing, raw, and masterful are all words I would probably used to describe this I was pretty damn floored so I do not really know how to describe this. But goooo watch this specifically the final cut if you have not seen that.

    Watching this story being told in IMAX was pretty fricking fantastic and definitely the ethnic…