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  • Little Children

    Little Children


    In a word.. Depressing.

    In a broader sense.. Relevatory, complex, analytic and critical. I don't think I've ever had such a feeling of disgust and awareness of the truly awful people that can inhabit the world until I watched Little Children, not since Dear Zachary has a film curdled my insides and shook me to my stomach with the uncomfortable realization of the horror that can inhabit everyday life.

    All of this isn't to say that I didn't enjoy this…

  • Girlhood


    Really unsure on what I'm missing here.. This should be right up my alley. I've spoken in reviews prior to this, about how there is quite a fine line to thread with this type of blend of observatory and narrative driven cinema that can better it or completely taint it for the worse and I feel with Girlhood, I got the latter.

    Stories like this will inevitably resonate with people of course, and I acknowledge that it's subject matter is…

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange



    I'm gonna point out before I get into this, I'm pretty sick of Marvel movies at this point so this will be a little biased not to mention the fact that I went in with low enough expectations.

    Safe to say, I got what I expected and it's generic story 101:

    >Protagonist is really good at something
    >Living the life
    >Protagonist gets issues all of a sudden with thing he is really good at
    >Protagonist overcomes his issue with…

  • Moonlight



    A portrait of a repressed and tortured soul, denied by piers.
    A painting come to life, and a journey through music, colour and limited dialogue.

    Moonlight impresses me the more I see it, tragic, beautiful, real.