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  • Pink Floyd - The Wall

    Pink Floyd - The Wall


    I had such a beautiful moment earlier tonight. I was walking to the lake and there’s a smaller part of the lake, a harbor, where all the boats are docked and all the ducks hangout and at that time of day (sunset) the way the sun hits everything the lake looks just like a brownish green dark blue color ya know what I mean, like a real lake, and as I’m getting closer to where it narrows under the overpass…

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    Convinced Hans presents the same score to Nolan for every movie and is like ‘hey chriz howz bout diz?’ & boom, Nolan immediately ejacs everywhere. Like this is the same score as Dunkirk. Ticking clock annoying bullshit and so much! Nonstop. So fucking much. It works more here but I hated how much of a score there was in Dunkirk. Like chill the fucking fuck out Hans wannabe John Williams Zimmer you ain’t it. 

    Love how everyone laughs at the Joker…

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  • Mandy








    Marry me Nic Cage

    RIP Jóhann 

    Thank you Panos, you beautiful genius


    Literally the greatest film, a fucking face melter, a body melter, you will literally turn into a pile of mush but you will be so happy. There are very few things better than this kind of (amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing) experience; and the taped q&a after the film with Nic Cage, Panos, & Linus, led by Kevin Smith was one of…

  • GoodFellas



    lots and lots and lots of (too many) things going on my mind is insane and going a mile a minute I’m distraught and idk it’s just fucked things are just fucked. I come home every day crying and confused and paralyzed with anxiety and overwhelming sadness and every fucking day I try to watch a film to take my mind off it but I can never choose one. I’m just going through the motions.  Then I spotted this.  It…