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  • The Terminator

    The Terminator


    It's insane how for nearly every minute of The Terminator, I was kept stimulated, wide-eyed, and triggered in all the best possible ways a film lover could be. I smiled—a lot (the concluding fiery reveal). Sometimes even shook my head in disbelief (the shootout at the police station). Cameron's seminal classic really has everything I could want from a genre hybrid of this type, and more:

    A strong character driven narrative and strongly delineated characters, a subtly done neon aesthetic,…

  • The Church

    The Church


    Haha, what in the hell did I just witness?! I'm stupefied, left in a state of disbelief. The Church is an absolute madhouse comprised of the wildest most unbridled mix of ridiculous plotlines, shouty over-the-top performances, shocking bursts of violence, and audacious jaw dropping imagery. The whole thing is rocking with unbalance, simultaneously being scattered, head-scratching shit one way, and overachieving brilliance in another, making for a completely unpredictable, undeniably memorable, cinematic gothic-horror experience.

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  • Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation

    Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation


    "Eveybody gets mad because, I say these jokes. What you gotta understand is this is the best time to say 'em. More now than ever. And I know there's some comedians in the back, motherfuckers you have a resonsibility to speak recklessly...otherwise, my kids may never know what reckless talk sounds like"

    Don't let the intimate setup and smaller venue fool you into thinking this is the cool down; uh-uh. This is Dave heating up to some of the realist…

  • Terrifier



    Terrifier left me shook.

    Maybe I'm getting soft as I grow older, but there were countless moments it seemed, where I had to fight every impulse to avert my eyes from the carnage happening on screen. Human-wish-bone-inspired violence (think somewhere along the lines of that scene in Bone Tomahawk), multiple scenes involving execution style gun fire - usually to the face, decapitations, bludgeoning, extended length mutilation, stabbings (again, to the face), cannibalism, car violence, self inflicted violence, and everything in-between.…