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  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    Most John Carpenter films always feel like they're hanging by a thread. They're usually very good, because Carpenter was a B-movie master, but if a few decisions had gone one way or the other, you can see how a movie like, say, Escape from New York could have been terrible. Wrong actor in the lead role, cheaper effects, poor editing... it could have gone wrong. Same could be said for all but a handful of Carpenter's classics.

    Ghosts of Mars…

  • RKO 281

    RKO 281


    Print the legend.

    Movies like this frustrate me because I know only just enough about the story that I appreciate the added context here and there or the illumination of an angle on the story that I hadn't considered before, but also I know just enough about the story to be very very irritated when they just obviously make up something unnecessary and then pin huge chunks of the plot on their dumb made-up detail. Welles didn't decide to make…

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  • Shazam!



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Decent, certainly one of the better DC movies I've seen. A little sturdier than Aquaman, not quite as elevated as Wonder Woman. But a Shazam nut might be way more into it than I was; I barely had any idea what was going on. This is a movie with a talking worm, and it's like, I'm definitely supposed to know who that talking worm is. I did not know the talking worm.

    I think this is maybe how my wife experiences Marvel movies. They're fun enough and the characters are good, but she does not know who the talking worm is, or its equivalent.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    To be clear, I had a five-star experience in the theater. This movie is insane and huge and wild and fun and awesome, and I loved it. I hope to watch it 100 more times in my life, and I look forward to the mega-marathons I'm going to run that will end with this film.

    But even more than Infinity War, this is not a complete movie. It's definitely a season finale, and even makes jokes out of not explaining…