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  • The Vanishing

    The Vanishing


    The best Gerald Butler performance has given. 
    And quite a nifty (mostly) single location thriller that doesn’t go where you expect it to.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

    Like someone tried to overdose on skittles but ended up throwing up and Tim Burton decided to film that.

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  • Wanderers



    There's more wonder and creativity in three minute film than in the 3 hours of Interstellar.

  • The Counselor

    The Counselor


    an interesting mess.
    It's as bleak as you'd expect from McCarthy and from a director whose brother killed himself while he was making the movie.
    But the bleakness is not the problem.
    It's that the film feels like monologue porn. Every single character gets a speech. Everyone speaks in parables and methods. It gets frustrating after a while.

    The weakest performance by far was Cameron Diaz. And it's not even her fault - it's Ridley Scott's. Did she really need…