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  • Wildlife



    An uncomfortably realistic portrayal of a barely functioning family's impending breakdown. The small cast carried the story well with Carey Mulligan giving the most riveting and powerful performance.

  • Justice League Part Two

    Justice League Part Two


    Just as good as the Snyder Cut

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  • Searching



    A modern day thriller that ticks all the right boxes. There's a lot of emotions to feel through this despite the minimal dialogue which helped enhance everything that was being presented on screen. Realistic takes on human activity are executed brilliantly through the monitoring of the protagonist's investigation on his computer screen.

  • Shazam!



    The most crowd-pleasing and heartfelt entry into the DCEU to date. Tonally I'd think of this as what an 80's superhero flick would look like if it was made in today's age. With the grounded setting, nostalgic score and messages about the importance of family being a key factor.

    Looking past the flick's use of cliché superhero origin movie tropes, rushed character progression and underutilised villain motives in the first act, 'Shazam!' offers a lot of what you've seen in…