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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    The Revenant was truly a cinematic treat. Every frame was gorgeous. The camera angles were superb, the directing seamless.

    Afterthought: DiCaprio was good, but this is not a performance you give an Oscar for.
    After afterthought: I actually liked Tom Hardy's acting way better. He had more dialogue, that's for sure.
    Last afterthought: Tom Hardy's accent was golden.

  • Pat and Mike

    Pat and Mike


    I really do love Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, especially when they are together but to me the whole movie felt kind of lackluster... It's as if both of them were just having a good time instead of committing themselves to creating something worthwhile. Their talent and usual electrifying chemistry felt wasted here.

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  • Manhattan



    Woody Allen does it every time.

    He transports me into his own world and draws me in completely. He doesn't really convey his artistic vision or message, it's much more direct and personal than that. Rather, he makes me feel as if I were part of his characters' everyday life, their ups and downs, their happy and the bitter moments, the problems they struggle with, the emotional rollercoaster they go through day by day and how they find out who they really are.

    He does this. Every single time.

  • Now, Voyager

    Now, Voyager


    Classic Hollywood melodrama. Classic Bette Davis. Not a classic ending, but definitely a perfect one. Now, Voyager is a must-see for Golden Era enthusiasts.